Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving Day in Chicago

Approximately a year ago I commissioned Rodney Thompson to make me custom designed cradled panels with recessed pockets. It was my plan to fill these pockets with delicate square boxes made of encaustic paint and cheesecloth. While creating these petite cubes using no wire supports was a challenge that I happily took on, my attention was diverted to the development of my encaustic and fiber vessel and sculpture pieces. Time and time again I admired these beautiful panels knowing that I would return to them and I am happy to announce that the first of these box assemblages, Moving Day, has been selected for inclusion in the exhibit Hot Wax in the City at the Morpho Gallery in Chicago.

Whether working in 2D or 3D, I find myself returning to the geometry of the square. I believe that it not only underscores the potential duality in everything, it encourages balance. It symbolizes a prolonged state of presence, a dependable and grounded structure. By creating these delicate little boxes I brought the square to life.

For a myriad of reasons, I have moved 7 times over the last 20 years! So for me, boxes symbolize change as well. The packing and unpacking of boxes has, in a sense, become a repetition of constants in my ongoing world of transformation. Whether utilitarian or sentimental, boxes are filled with belongings that are moved to another location where they will be displayed in much the same manner as they were previously. They assist in bringing stability to a new situation.

So now you can understand why I have became slightly obsessed with these little forms, making each one decidedly unique; giving each one its own importance, its own identity.

Moving Day
encaustic and cheescloth

individual cube
encaustic and cheesecloth

Rodney Thompson Custom Art Panels