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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Summer Exhibition

With much of my time spent creating new works, I have expended little energy on submitting to summer exhibitions.  The Swope Art Museum in Terre Haute, Indiana has had an annual exhibition for the past 69 years.  The 70th Annual Wabash Valley Juried Exhibition includes the work of artists residing in Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio.


This year's exhibition was jurored by Carter E. Foster, the Steven and Ann Ames Curator of Drawings at the Whitney Museum of American Art.  The opportunity to position my work in front of this jurors eyes was all the motivation I needed to find the time to submit to this show.

Unfulfilled Dream

I entered three encaustic and fiber sculptures;
"Unfulfilled Dream", "Passages" and "Living Together-But-Separate Lives".
The first two were chosen and included in this exhibition. 

Living Together-But-Separate Lives

The exhibition runs from June 28-August 23, 2014.

Swope Art Museum

Monday, December 2, 2013

Winter Exhibition News

Place (detail)
I’m sending two of my newest sculptures to Florida this month.  I am especially pleased that both were accepted as it was the first time I had submitted either for an exhibition.  Place is the largest work I have created to date, measuring 6’7”, twice that if it is laid out from end to end.  I plan to pursue Place as a series that will be hung as a multi-piece installation.


 encaustic, cheesecloth, cotton cord, foam  

Passages has been a work in progress.  I made the base last year and it sat off to the side in my studio waiting for inspiration.  Over time this base changed shape until I came upon the decidedly boat-like form it is today.  It then returned again to that “place of contemplation” off to the side in my studio until one day I spied the roll of copper wire I had in a container of wire and cords.  I really like the combination of metal with wax and fiber.  The small sections of copper wire impale the smooth waxed surface of the form bringing a menacing sense to this simple, still and serene form.  This certainly might be my love-hate relationship with water coming out.  Nothing would make me happier than to sit on the porch of a beach house looking and listening to the ocean all day but you would be hard pressed to get me in that same water.
Passages (detail)
Place and Passages are both included in "Big Bad Wax" at the Mount Dora Center for the Arts in Mount Dora, Florida.  This national juried encaustic exhibition was juried by Kim Bernard and Susan Loden.  This exhibition runs January 10 – March 2, 2014.  The opening reception is January 10, 2014, 6-8pm. 

encaustic, cheesecloth, copper wire

As many of you know, I am a member of FUSEDChicago, a group of Chicago area artists using the encaustic medium.   One of our missions is to advance public awareness of encaustic art through exhibitions of member work.   This is a group of extremely talented artists and so the many group exhibitions that have been held have been truly excellent events.
               Make No Little Plans    
9”x9” cube
encaustic, cheesecloth on wood panels  

I am happy that Make No Little Plans is included in the next FUSEDChicago group exhibition, “Fused” held at the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights, Illinois.  The show is curated by  Jessica Segal and will run from January 15 – February 8, 2014.  The opening reception is January 17, 2014.

Holiday wishes to everyone and many thanks for your support!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013


The Power of Place
encaustic, fiber, hemp cord, wire 
Inspiration can come from anywhere.  As an artist, I am inspired by the urban landscape. I am drawn to the innate sense of randomness, clutter and change that can define an urban existence.   The landscape of the city and its architecture can seem unwelcoming with its hard edges and its overflow of inhabitants.  In actuality, there is an inherent harmony that exists in a city.  The visual repetitiveness and symmetry of the buildings themselves to the city plans they fill. The cacophonies of sounds that can, with their aspect of constancy, make for a soothing element of dependability.  And while certainly, there is a certain discordant relationship among some city dwellers, there is a remarkable interchange of order among the majority of inhabitants.  I am also inspired by those people, whose visions helped to create this world. 


The Power of Place
My latest sculpture, The Power of Place, was inspired by Richard Serra.  This remarkable artist is known for his large-scale, minimalistic sculptures that invite the exchange between the viewer, the site and the piece itself.  His large steel works are often site-specific and are designed to dwarf the viewer.  I am drawn to his work as it often has a feeling of flowing movement and is always complex in its simplicity. With my own sculptures, I try to pare down basic elements of color, shape and movement into elegant simplified forms.  I explore the right angled urban world and how people live in this environment.  How they interact with the spaces, the architecture and with each other.   Serra has said that his sculptures create new spaces within existing spaces which makes me associate a level of architectural design to his work.  While encountering his work, walking around it and through it, you are forced to acknowledge the space around you which often includes the people around you who are sharing this experience.
The Power of Place


Two interesting videos on Richard Serra installations at MoMA: