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Monday, May 9, 2016

Installing An Art Exhibition

Installing an art exhibition can be a fun and creative endeavor but it also requires A LOT of hard work.  

Installing a show is a true labor of love.  It involves an eye for balance and harmony.  
Deciding where a piece of art should be placed in an exhibit space is as important as the work itself.  


Once a preliminary overview of what will be included in the exhibition is made, an initial placement of the works is made.   This helps to visualize how the show will look once it is hung. 

A relationship of color and form is considered when determining the placement  of art in a space.

 It is essential that there is breathing room so that each work can be individually appreciated. Another thing that is often essential is a ladder!  

Some installations have unique challenges attached to them.  


The ceiling height and duct work at ARC Gallery in Chicago required me to come up with an alternate way to hang the columns in my piece Spaces We Inhabit

Amy Van Winkle and I had to come up a number of alternate design plans when installing our collaborative art exhibition The Paths We Choose.  The existence of a cement wall and a metal door in our space required us to change the way we hung the 500 piece joint work.

Please share any additional insights into the installation of an art exhibit including tips, tales and lessons learned!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Transformed Spaces

I was thrilled to have had the opportunity for my first solo exhibition this past December.

My show Transformed Spaces consisted of two sculptural installations; Infinite Possibilities and The Spaces We Inhabit.  It considered the symmetry of the urban landscape and explored the physical and mental boundaries of the public and private spaces we inhabit.  

 Infinite Possibilities is a wall installation consisting of 30 unique wall cubes, each utilizing similar and familiar materials yet each recognizing its own distinctive space.  Spaces We Inhabit is an installation of a dozen, twelve foot high columns of encaustic and fiber sculptures created by altering 2-dimensional paintings.  This transformation acknowledges another kind of space; one of visual repetitiveness and change. 

Transformed Spaces was installed in the Art on Armitage Gallery window December 1, 2015 and was up throughout the month.  I was lucky enough to have the assistance of my husband Doug.  He did all of the ladder work, installing the ceiling hooks which held the sculptural columns. 

I had laid out the cubes of the wall installation Infinite Possibilities days earlier in my studio but found that once I was at Art on Armitage,  I ended up playing around with the final layout which involved popping outside a number of times in order to get the over all feeling of the piece. 


ART ON ARMITAGE is a window gallery in Chicago that brings art out of the confines of the traditional art gallery and into the realm of the public.

Many thanks to all of you who were able to see my show and thank you to Mary Ellen Croteau at Art on Armitage for this opportunity.