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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Digital Interpretation of My Encaustic and Fiber Vessel Series

Digital artist Thomas Broadfoot creates remarkable three-dimensional art. Recently, Thomas told me that he had created a new work inspired by my encaustic and fiber Vessel Series. As you can imagine, I was very flattered and excited to see the result. The Basket is the first in a series using his interpretation of an object that is weaved.

Using a computer program called Hexagon, he begins a piece by doodling until a concept is formed. From here, he creates the depth, dimensions, shape, color and size of the object. While creating The Basket, Thomas determined that through the use of thickness he was able to emulate a weave like pattern. Another program, VUE, is then used to create the background, texture, dimensions and materials, generating the final look and feel of the piece

Each piece can take anywhere from 20 hours to one week to finish. On any given day he can have between 10-35 pieces in various stages of creation. He sees this as an advantage over a traditional artist who has to depend upon the physical space of their studio as to how many pieces they can be working upon at any given time.

Thomas likes to think of himself like as an artist using 21st-century tools.
Please visit his site to view his extraordinary works of art.